We are always looking for talented individuals to add to our staff. Are you tired of the cut-throat salon industry of the past? You deserve more. If you are ready to try something new we would love to meet with you.

Europa doesn’t base compensation on how many people you can pack into a day. We determine pay by overall performance, increasing skill certifications, and teamwork qualities. You no longer have to fight to survive, instead you will be a part of a team who helps each other succeed.

Imagine getting to love what you do and have:

*Steady, guaranteed pay

*Team goals and bonuses

*Retirement benefit


*A team of coworkers that want you to learn and succeed

*Extensive ongoing education

*Endless possibilities for career growth

*A clear career path

*Up to 3 weeks of paid vacation

*No product charges, bookkeeping, or taking work home with you

*Value to the team based on performance and not just what you can produce with your hands

To apply please send resume to: or use the contact page.

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