Current Covid-19 Policy:
⦁ If you are sick, coughing, sneezing of any kind please reschedule your appointment. If you live with someone quarantining or exhibiting symptoms of illness please reschedule. If you have travelled to any Covid hot spots please reschedule.
⦁ We will require over the ear masks on ALL people entering the salon. This includes all staff. If you are unable to wear a mask you will be unable to receive a service until the mask requirement recommendation has been lifted. If you do not come with your own mask you will be able to purchase a disposable mask for $5 from the salon.

⦁ Upon entry we will ask that you sanitize your hands at the sanitation station immediately to your right. To avoid cross contamination we ask that you do not wear gloves inside the salon. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the salon and our bathroom is available to wash hands. We ask everyone to respect social distances in the salon where possible
⦁ We are temporarily suspending ALL drink service. We will be unable to offer ANYTHING to drink. If a client would like to bring something to drink they need to provide it AND remove it when finished.
⦁ We ask that you limit the belongings you bring into the salon bringing only necessities such as cell phone, method of payment and car keys.
⦁ We ask that you come to your appointment alone. We will not have waiting space available for extra people. Please no kids, significant others, friends or family.
⦁ Please come to your appointment as close to the time as possible. We may ask you to remain in your car/or outside until we are ready to seat you to keep our occupancy below 10 persons.
⦁ We will be offering limited appointments on Monday for our more high risk or elderly clientele. Staff will be limited to 2 that day.

⦁ At this time we will be enforcing a 48 hour cancellation policy for late cancelled and no show appointments. We typically resist enforcing this but due to the limited appointments available and needing to recover from the last 2 months closed we can no longer absorb missed appointments. To reschedule a late cancelled or no showed appointment you will need to pay for 50% of the appointment missed and place a deposit of 50% for your future service. Please don’t make us have to utilize this policy. We really don’t want to. Respect our limited space and time.
⦁ New guests will be required to leave a 50% deposit to reserve their requested service. Deposit will be applied to scheduled service. If you fail to keep the originally scheduled appointment deposit is non refundable.

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