Our mission is to offer salon services in a way that is sustainable, eco conscious, inclusive and safe for our staff and clientele’s mind and body. We are a friendly team whose goal is to make everyone walking through our doors feel welcomed.  We respect your time, your boundaries, your identity and the fact that you have a life outside of the salon. We offer full or part time scheduling. We celebrate individuality and support its expression.

 While you are here we hope you learn something, laugh, and touch someones life for the good.  Whether you have been in the industry for a year or a decade we strive to continue learning, from each other, from in salon classes, and from visiting specialized training. Europa has a depth of experience and knowledge amongst our staff. Each of us is willing and able to mentor new stylists and look forward to the shared knowledge new staff brings as well. We believe that we are all responsible and play a vital role in taking care of our guests and salon home and in building a lasting relationship with each guest that comes into our company. We each play a vital role in not only each others growth but in the growth of the company, we are always striving to achieve great things in life.  In that spirit we serve customers in the same way. Leaning on our team to deliver the quality of service Europa clients have come to expect.

We stay on the forefront of trends, products, techniques. Evolving our offerings while staying consistent with our mission of  being sustainable, eco conscious, inclusive, and safe for our staff and client family. 

We offer:

Steady clientele. No clientele needed. 

Training, continuing education, and growth opportunities available

Stable guaranteed wages with limitless growth potential

Team Rewards/Prizes

Paid vacation/RTO


Retirement IRA with up to 3% company match



Willing to share knowledge

Flexible full and part time schedules available

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